The hospital has a department of Nuclear Medicine, with an in vivo and in vitro diagnostic and therapeutic units, which is the only private unit in northern Greece.

Diagnostic applications

a) in vivo: Scintigraphy of the thyroid gland, kidney, liver, spleen, biliary tree, bone, etc. These are highly accurate diagnostic tests, necessary for all tumor staging.

Moreover, the Department has specialized radio-pharmaceuticals for early detection and distinguishing between tumors and inflammations.

b) in vitro: For the detection of tumor markers that lead to early diagnosis of neoplastic diseases and other radio-immunoassay blood and urine tests.

The Department is certified for the successful detection of particularly low PSA rates; a tool valuable for early prostate cancer diagnosis.

Treatment applications 

The Interbalkan Medical Centers has the biggest privately owned therapeutic department of open sources (Ι-131) in Greece for the treatment of thyroid cancer.

In an excellent environment and the most modern methods of radiation protection (special rooms with lead shielding) and environmental protection, patients are administered Ι-131 for thyroid cancer.

Special radioisotope treatments are also performed for pain relief from bone metastases that come from breast and prostate cancer.