The Athens Medical Group started in 1984 when Dr. Georgios Apostolopoulos founded the Athens Medical Center in Maroussi, aiming at providing high quality integrated primary and secondary health services. 

Today, with continuous investments both in Greece as well as abroad, it is the biggest and most reliable Group providing diagnostic and hospitalization services in the wider Balkan area, comparable to those in Western Europe and the USA.

In Greece, the Group owns 8 ultramodern clinic facilities, with 1200 beds, a network of 2800 reputable doctors and 3000 full-time employees.

In 2000, the Group founded the Interbalkan Medical Center in Thessaloniki which is considered “as the most advanced hospital in Europe” by the Medical School of UK Imperial College.

It also has six hospitals in the wider Athens area:  Athens Medical Center, Pediatric Center in Maroussi, Iatriko Psychikou (Medical Center of Psychiko), Iatriko Palaiou Falirou (Medical Center of Palaio Faliro), Iatriko Dafnis (Medical Center of Dafni), Iatriko Peristeriou (Medical Center of Peristeri) and GAIA, an Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic.

In the Balkans, the Group owns three diagnostic centers in Rumania, through its subsidiary named “Medsana”.

The development of the Athens Medical Group is governed by the basic principles of the Group’s founder, principles that focus on ethos, consistency, respect to the human being, offering to the society.

The top mission of the Group during its course

has been the continuous assurance of renewed state-of-the-art technological equipment in all the Group’s hospital facilities, the support of innovative medical methods, the promotion of international scientific achievements and the investments for their implementation in our country.

Δρ. Αποστολόπουλος Βασίλειος: Διευθύνων Σύμβουλος Ομίλου Ιατρικού Αθηνών

The Athens Medical Group is the most recognizable name in the market of health care, characterized for the top quality of services and its focus on the social work it carries out.

During its long activation, the Group has received numerous national and international awards, not only for the high quality of the provided services but also for its economic vitality and growth.

It is noted that the Athens Medical Group has been listed on the Athens Stock Market since 1991 and belongs to the “International Category”.