The Breast Unit of the Interbalkan Medical Center covers all services for the diagnosis, staging and treatment of breast diseases.

The Breast Clinic of the Outpatient’s Clinics is staffed with breast surgeons specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases with the most modern methods (sentinel lymph node, oncoplastic surgery).

The Radiology Department has state-of-the-art diagnostic means, such as digital mammography scanner , modern color high-definition ultrasound3Tesla MRI ( unique in Northern Greece). Apart from the diagnosis, the specialized radiologists also participate in the therapeutic part with the preoperative, stereotactic finding of non-palpable lesions using a wire guide (hook, kopans).

The Interbalkan Medical Center is the only private hospital in Northern Greece that has a Department of Nuclear Medicine, where the preoperative radioisotope localization of the sentinel lymph node is possible.

In case of extemporaneous examination, Pathological Anatomy Laboratory inside the hospital so that there is the benefit of time for the patient.

In the case of surgical treatment, there is close cooperation with center of plastic surgeons experienced in reconstruction after mammectomy.

The Breast Unit of the Interbalkan Medical Center can cover all therapeutic needs as it has an Oncology Center staffed with pathologists – oncologists with long experience in the current chemotherapy regimens and a 3D Radiotherapy Department with doctors specialized in the planning according to each patient’s needs.

With regard to the research work of the Unit, international basic and clinical research protocols for breast cancer are applied.