The specialized Center for Liver (incorporated in General Surgery, Invasive Radiology and Interventional Endoscopy) covers the entire spectrum and all stages of acute and chronic liver and bile ducts diseases: viral, autoimmune, metabolic, pharmaceutical, neoplastic, vascular, and others, while the following procedures are provided: 

Check-up, screening, diagnosis (serological, biological, virological, molecular, imaging, Fibroscan, histology), monitoring: Prevention, therapeutic interventions, antiviral medication.

With prestigious and experienced specialists, ultra modern radiology equipment, the surgical safety of a tertiary hospital and excellent hospitalization conditions.

The following conditions are treated:

  • primary and secondary liver tumors,              
  • benign liver tumors,
  • echinococci liver cysts,                                        
  • cystic liver lesions,                                               
  • cirrhosis,
  • cholangiocarcinoma in the liver and the distal portion of the bile duct,               
  • neoplasms of the gallbladder,
  • gallstones, bile duct lithiasis, intrahepatic lithiasis, bile duct cysts,  
  • biliary ducts lesions,
  • pancreatic benign and malignant tumors,               
  • cystic pancreatic tumors,
  • pancreatitis (acute and chronic),
  • endocrine tumors (pancreas, adrenal gland),
  • preparation for liver transplantation,                
  • treatment of complications after liver transplantation.

The medical team of the Center for Liver - Biliary Ducts - Pancreas also includes an oncologist with high expertise in liver, biliary ducts and pancreatic tumors.