Specialized gynecologists – surgeons perform the following at the Gynecology Department operating daily at the Outpatients’ Clinics:  

Gynecological check up (Pap test, colposcopy and ultrasound); also gynecological procedures, such as panyhysterectomy (vaginal), fibroid enucleation (laparoscopic and open),  procedures for various diseases of the pelvis – urogynecologic (uterine prolapsed for urinary incontinence etc) with conservative and surgical method. Also, micro-procedures, such as diagnostic and therapeutic abrasions, condyloma cauterizations etc).


Top gynecologists – surgeons, associates of the Interbalkan Medical Center, perform:

Colposcopy is a special painless examination of the cervix using an optical instrument, the colposcope. Its aim is the further investigation of possible lesions that the Pap Test shows. The special doctor recognizes these lesions using specific stains, such as acetic acid and lugol and if, necessary, performs guided biopsies. The taken samples then are examined by a special pathologist.

The Pap test (Papanikolaou Test) is the cellular examination of cervical smears under a microscope. It is the main preventive control method of cervical cancer. Its aim is to diagnose the various pre-cancerous stages of the disease early enough so as to be treated before they develop into invasive cancer. The Pap Test should be made once a year when a woman becomes sexually active.

The Interbalkan Medical Center operates Infertility Control and In-Vitro Fertilization.