The European Interbalkan Medical Center has a special department for Endovascular Neurosurgery where embolization procedures for diseases of the Central Nervous System are performed by world famous Neurosurgeons using the most modern equipment and materials:

The diseases treated include:

  1. Brain aneurysms,  ruptured or unruptured, treated with coiling, balloon assisted coiling, stent assisted coiling or with flow diverters
  2. Arteriovenous malformations or communications of the brain and spinal cord, treated with endovascular embolization with liquid embolic materials
  3. Intracranial arterial stenosis (internal carotid, middle cerebral artery, basilar artery) treated with balloon angioplasty and stenting
  4. Extracranial arterial stenosis (carotid or vertebral arteries) treated with balloon angioplasty and stenting
  5. Acute ischemic stroke treated with thrombectomy or thrombolysis
  6. Hypervascular tumors of the brain, head, neck or spine treated with embolization

The embolization procedures performed have an excellent success rate with minimal complication rate due to the experience of our Neurosurgeons that is one of the largest in Europe. The Center is on-call 24 hours a day to receive and treat these cases on an emergency base.