The only Adult Congenital Heart Disease Centre in Northern Greece was inaugurated at the Inter-Balkan Medical Centre, with the exclusive cooperation of world-renowned cardiac surgeon Afksendyios Kalangos, a Professor at the University of Geneva and the Director of the University Cardiac Surgery Clinic at Geneva Hospital.

The cardiac surgeon, following the partnership agreement concluded between the Athens Medical Group and the University Hospital of Geneva, is the Head of the Adult Congenital Heart Disease Centre of the Cardiac Surgery Department of the Inter-Balkan Medical Centre. Mr Kalangos is to perform surgery on patients from Greece and the Balkans, as a Visiting Physician at Inter-Balkan Medical Centre every month.

Inaugurating his cooperation with the Hospital, the acclaimed professor and his team is performing surgery today and tomorrow on a total of four patients with adult congenital heart disease. Dr. Kalangos is offering his services free of charge, having selected the Inter-Balkan Medical Centre for its excellent, state-of-the-art hi-tech medical equipment, its high specifications operating theatres, its Adult Intensive Care Unit and the high standards of the Team of cardiologists and cardiac surgeons of the Congenital Heart Disease Centre.

Adult Congenital Heart Disease Centre

The Adult Congenital Heart Disease Centre of the Cardiac Surgery Clinic of the Inter-Balkan Medical Centre fully meets the specifications for performing operations on patients over the age of 14. It is staffed by acclaimed physicians specialising in:

  • Cardiac surgery in cases of congenital heart disease, headed by Afksendyios Kalangos and with the cooperation of cardiac surgeon Dr Christos Alexiou, a cardiothoracic surgeon who specialised and further trained for 17 years in Great Britain.
  • Interventional (transcutaneous) procedures in congenital heart disease cases for diagnostic and interventional purposes, under the supervision of the intervening cardiologist Vassilis Thomopoulos, Associate Professor of Paedocardiology and Director of Interventional Paedocardiology at the Paediatric Centre of Athens and the Inter-Balkan Medical Centre, with the cooperation of interventional cardiologist Thomas Papadopoulos.


  • Clinical Cardiology with cardiologist Georgios Yiannakoulas, a specialist in diagnosing and monitoring congenital heart disease and pulmonary hypertension patients.

The Congenital Heart Disease Centre stands fast by the commitment undertaken by Georgios Apostolopoulos - the founder of the Inter-Balkan Medical Centre - that the necessary treatment could be had by Greek patients without their having to travel abroad.