With its state-of-the-art technological equipment, the Interbalkan Medical Center boasts the only organized private department of Radiology in northern Greece. It allows for immediate commencement of radiotherapy, with international standards, no delays,

and the most modern techniques of combined chemotherapy that aim to preserve and save the most important organs. This way, patients can avoid all major drastic surgeries, such as laryngectomy, prostatectomy, glossektomi, cystectomy and abdominoperineal resection, with results equivalent to the respective procedures.

It boasts:

A simulation system, based on computed tomography (CT simulation) and a 3D radiotherapy treatment planning system (3D Treatment Planning).

Linear Accelerators. The only Brachytherapy Unit in northern Greece that provides a 3D brachytherapy design through a CT scanner simulator.

Electronic management system and quality assurance