The Nephrology Department provides care to patients suffering from kidney problems, hypertension, urinary infections, and renal complications, as well as to patients operated in the hospital or preparing for surgery, etc.

The three dialysis units in the Interbalkan Medical Center cover an area of ​​300 square meters and are fully equipped to perform bicarbonate hemodialysis, hemofiltration or hemodiafiltration, as well as plasma exchange in case of hematological and immunological disorders. 

Also performed for the last two years are the innovative method of hemofiltration with double filter (PHF) for patients with symptomatic hypotension and cardiovascular diseases. It's noteworthy that this method has saved the lives of operated patients, e.g. after a by-pass, with the survival rate being doubled in the past year. The chronic periodic hemodialysis sessions are performed in rooms with 4-5 beds that are equipped with a TV, and provide complimentary internet access through a Wi-Fi network. The Dialysis Units can provide care to more than 100 patients, are fully efficient in deionized water and have a back-up generator power in case of power outage. 

The doctors of the unit are nephrologists - pathologists, with university degrees, while patients can be monitored at all times by cardiologists and doctors from other specialties, if deemed necessary.